New Year, New T

“New Year, New Me” always sounded so trite and somewhat noncommital. After last year, though, I am committing to the New T that I am becoming. I don’t do resolutions, but I do appreciate goals. With goals I can set timelines, I can have challenges that I put in place to keep me active and … Continue reading

Nerd Camp 2018

Last year I went to “Nerd Camp” for writers, the Writers Police Academy in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was fantastic! I learned a lot from the breakout sessions, spent some time socializing (one of the hardest things for me to do) in the bar until the late hours of the night, and walked away with … Continue reading

Keep Shufflin’

The day after my 49th birthday I went to the gym to get back on track (treadmill) with working out and running. I want to feel better, look better, just be better. I know it helps with depression and anxiety. I know it makes me want to eat fresher food I can make myself. And … Continue reading

More Ups Than Downs

I feel like I’ve been in a funk, a bad place, a fog… whatever you call it… for at least a year, maybe two. I get that the last three years have been tough with people dying, RA flaring, and motivation shot to shit. But I seriously thought I had it under control until I … Continue reading

Never Give Up

I swear it has been the worst year or two in a long, long time. I haven’t felt right for what seems like an eternity. I was ready to give up. I was tired of trying. My arthritis flared and it was hell getting it back under control. I hurt my back at work and … Continue reading

Sick of Being Sick?

It feels like Oprah has taken over the cold season: “You get a cold! You get the flu! Everyone gets a virus!” Okay, maybe not exactly that, but if your workplace is anything like mine, everyone has been sick at least once in the last month or so. Many are going into round two or … Continue reading

Finding (Recreating?) Myself

The last year or so has been rough for me. I took on extra tasks at work and finally decided early this year that it was just too much. I was getting daily nosebleeds that got worse and worse, not even fixed after having my nose cauterized three times. Depression, anxiety, weight gain, exhaustion, arthritis … Continue reading

Writing and Shooting and Learning, Oh My!

I’ve been writing my novel for a few years now. I’ve written some short stories in between and even got one published. I think I can come up with some pretty good ideas, but research and facts are always needed, especially in murder mysteries. How would I know the key pieces to determine a real … Continue reading

Finding Out What’s Important

This has been an interesting year for me. Both good interesting and bad interesting. I’ve been stressed, spread myself thin, sad, happy, up, down, frustrated, angry and relieved. Everything. It started out pretty damn good. I started my own business and took a class to build a business plan; find some direction. That’s probably a … Continue reading